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In North Dakota, Boom, Bust and Oil.

The New York Times. August 6, 2015



Christmas Behind Bars.

The Atlantic. December, 2014



In France, Vestiges of the Great War's Bloody End.

The New York Times. December 28, 2014



Where Americans Turned the Tide in World War I.

The New York Times. October 26, 2014



In France, Artifacts of America's Role in World War I.

The New York Times. September 21, 2014



100 Years of Gratitude.

The New York Times. August 24, 2014



Why Don't Americans Remember the War?

The Atlantic: Special World War I Commemorative Issue. Summer, 2014



The World War I Veteran Who Wasn't.

The Daily Beast. May 26, 2013.



Memorials to a Forgotten World War. 

The New Yorker. May 25, 2013



The Last of the World War I Vets Speak. Slate.

​May 23, 2013



The Last Doughboy's Final Fight. Parade Magazine.

May 30, 2010



Yard Sale! AARP the Magazine.

July/August, 2009



Commentary: December to January.

North Country Public Radio.

January 8, 2009



Are You My Cousin? AARP the Magazine.

December, 2008



The Last Doughboy of World War I. 

Smithsonian. October, 2008



Amass Appeal. AARP the Magazine.

March/April, 2008



Commentary: Celebrating the Spirit of the Season.

North Country Public Radio.

December 23, 2008



Over There -- And Gone Forever. The New York Times.

November 12, 2007.



Not Far From Forsaken. The New York Times Magazine.

​April 9, 2006.



The Ghosts of Emmett Till. The New York Times Magazine.

​July 31, 2005



The Gene Pull. AARP the Magazine.

March/April, 2005



The Colfax Riot. The Atlantic Monthly.

July/August, 2003



The Land of Lost Luggage. The Atlantic Monthly.

June, 2002



Astronaut Laundry. The Atlantic Monthly.

December, 2001



Centennial of an Assassination.

The Atlantic Monthly. October, 2001



Lost and Found. The Atlantic Monthly. May, 2001



The Lost Islands. The Atlantic Monthly.

February, 2001



Flotsam. The Atlantic Monthly. July, 2000



Should the Mississippi Files Have Been Re-Opened?

The New York Times Magazine.

​August 30, 1998



It's Radi-O! The Atlantic Monthly. January, 1998



But Not Least. The Atlantic Monthly.

​December, 1997



Thank You For Not Talking Loudly (In Inwood).

New York Magazine.

​August 4, 1997



The Mall of Fame. The Atlantic Monthly. July, 1997



For a Pushcart Poet, Downtown is Getting Verse and Verse.​

New York Magazine. April 28, 1997



Broadway Party Line, Local and Long-Distance.

New York Magazine. March 31, 1997



Football Season. Virginia Quarterly Review.

Winter, 1997



​​Welcome to Our Tomb. The Atlantic Monthly.

July, 1996



Decoys. The Antioch Review. Autumn, 1996



N.Y. Snow-How. The New Yorker. January 22, 1996



A Broker's Pawns. The New Yorker. October 16, 1995.

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